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If I make my blog easy to read and relevant, ideally, you will  respond…

My goal is to share information, thoughts and insights on what I learn, observe and read as it relates to the ‘chemistry of culture’.

Culture is amazingly complex. Paradoxically, we need to make discussing it simple so we can appreciate and acknowledge its wondrous attributes.

Did you know that:

Considering that, gaps still exist around the most basic cultural information on Canada’s First People, for example. So it seems only fitting for my first blog to start here.

My friend and colleague is a proud Anishinabe, a member of the Chipewas of Nawash First Nation in the Great Lakes Region of Ontario. A few years ago when I asked her for one word to describe her People, she said “kindness”. I was surprised for some reason with that response, as were the others sitting at the table. Were you? My choices might have been spiritual or one with the earth. Not until recently did I even know these facts:

What a rich culture we have in our wonderful country Canada. Sadly, few facts are widely known, and even less about the culture except the sad and tragic stories, the travesties to our First People.

At the 2007 IEP (Internationally Educated Professionals) Conference, based on the suggestion of my colleague we held a smudge ceremony to welcome our honored Internationally Educated guests and to share something definitely Canadian.

The ceremony was valued and appreciated by the 1000 attendees. What else can each of us do? Start by being mindful. Check out SABAR.  www.sabar.ca. The Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection is a group of Canadian broadcasters and Aboriginal organizations working to increase the contribution and representation of Aboriginal people in all aspects of the Canadian broadcast industry.

It is one great step for awareness.