The Australian Career Practitioner magazine Summer, 2010
The ‘so what’ on Cultural Intelligence and the Career Professional

Culturally Intelligent Career Professionals achieve greater client results. Cultural Intelligence (CI) makes diversity and inclusion a positive force for enhancing client performance and economic growth. Diversity of perspective supports innovation which, in turn, supports competitiveness and economic development.

ACPI Career Voice International Second Quarter 2010 Issue
Cultural Intelligence: It’s In Our Best Interest

According to Statistics Canada, by 2011, immigration will account for 100% of Canada’s net labour force growth and all net population growth in the next 25 years. But are Canadian employers prepared for this significant demographic shift? Are you prepared for how this could impact your practice and ability to counsel clients to meet their needs?…

Invited to Present at the Metropolitan Review of Toronto 2008 (OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)

Cultural Diversity as a source of economic growth

When managed with Cultural Intelligence (CI) cultural diversity has great potential to enhance the Toronto Region’s economic growth.

In simple terms:  Hyper diversity + Cultural Intelligence = Innovation

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