Experience  results when cultures converge and are mutually energized to produce outstanding business performance.

Whether you are thinking of enhancing your diversity initiatives or want to start engaging a multicultural workforce, here’s where Rhonda can help your organization:


Keynote presentations, workshops and training evaluation, all customized to your needs


Assessments to reflect your current workplace culture – and why it exists – in order to move forward with specific measureable actions


Facilitation services, planning and orientation meetings with senior management or staff using successful change management strategies

Each service  utilizes a proven methodology that builds on and complements Cultural
Intelligence (CI)
, a theoretical knowledge base derived from hundreds of researchers over several decades.

The CI 5 System synthesizes elements in your culture, resulting
in a more high performing organization.

Here’s how.

1. Intent – what’s a reasonable goal that leadership can achieve, together – and why?

2. Involvement – who might be your champions to engage others to advance this?

3.Inquiry – how can we best glean some intelligence on your current culture (through one-on-one or small group conversations, surveys, etc.)?

4. Innovation - how can relevant ideas and changes be developed?

5. Impact - how will we know when they are successful, once infused throughout your organization?

Who knew that beyond the typical ‘diversity’ program lay a better system for
producing unprecedented collaboration, innovative ideas and extraordinary

Rhonda Singer – working with you, and for your organization, can bring this level of cultural fitness to your organization.

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