Leverage International Expertise through the ‘Chemistry of Culture’
Increase Awareness between The ‘3 Cs and the 3 Ps

“I would like to express our thanks for your spectacular presentation. Your outstanding talk, peppered with many Canadian life insights and a lot of common sense were very useful to all our members. You were truly inspirational, and in the presentation you could have heard a pin drop. Thank you again for a tremendous job.”
Co chair CAMP Murali Murthy, Communications Advertising and Marketing Professionals (CAMP) March 2011

Manifesting the Business ‘Win-win’ with Internationally Educated Professionals and Employers
Presented by Rhonda Singer and Gerald Vastano, Consultant, itim International

I was really thrilled by the material presented and how well it dovetails with my interests – I see overlap with the kinds of issues that third culture kids encounter. There was so much in there!
Jody Conibear Tangredi, Intercultural competence and English skills The Intercultural Management Institute Conference, Washington, March 2011

Cultural Intelligence: Harness your organization’s diversity Increase your organizational capability for enhanced effectiveness
“Rhonda has a lovely style, a great message and I would highly recommend her.
Kelley Evans, Northern Lights AGM, Planning Team Member, 2010 Team Leader/Employment Counsellor. Northern Lights Employment Services Centre

An Innovative Integration Strategy for Internationally Educated Professionals
“Thanks again to Rhonda Singer for being a fabulous guest speaker”
Sue Ellson, Convenor, International Human Resources Management Network Founder and Director, Newcomers Network, 2010

The 3 C  Connection: Increasing Awareness on how Culture Impacts Communication and Credential Recognition
“I was delighted to have Rhonda Singer as our guest speaker at the 2010  IEP Conference  Employer Luncheon. She spoke on Cultural Intelligence (CI) and helped the audience make the link between CI and PCPI’s research study The Power of Different: The race to bridge the skills gap in the Toronto Region.  She was amazing at captivating the audience’s attention, the message was powerful and I was very pleased. Thank you Rhonda.”

Silma H Roddau, President & IEP Conference Chair PCPI, Toronto, 2010

Three Cups of Tea: Building a culture bridge along the road to employment
“Your keynote was the right message to kick start the conference – thank you.”
Dan Pelletier, Chief Executive Officer, YMCA of Windsor and Essex County ITP Internationally Trained Professionals Conference – Windsor, Ontario, 2010

Gain knowledge. Be mindful. Grow your Cultural Intelligence… And Increase your competence as facilitators to help Canada’s global talent
“Your half day presentation was highly evaluated by the facilitators. Your presentation style was wonderful, and many comments from facilitators confirmed your passion for this topic.
Suzana Belan, Assistant Manager, JSW Program, COSTI JSW Professional Development Retreat Deerhurst Resort, Ontario, 2010