Rhonda Singer, M. Sc. C.H.R.D. CMF

Fostering excellence through the ‘chemistry of culture’

Rhonda Singer is a business focused visionary possessing consulting expertise in virtually every aspect of the manufacturing sector, including: metals, refining, supply chain and warehousing, food production, textiles, automotive, hydro electric, systems furniture, IT, and hospitality. She has also completed assignments in healthcare, legal and financial services, management consulting, academia and non-profit environments.

A passionate and respected leader, she excels in conceiving, innovating and implementing solutions that advance economic imperatives while optimizing stakeholder engagement and long-term value. In particular, Rhonda is inspired by complex projects driven by research and innovation, especially those impacting Canada’s multicultural workforce and international partnerships. She is a highly accomplished facilitator, using methodologies such as Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space™ Most recently Rhonda has been chosen to lead a pivotal Open Space™ dialogue on the future of career management, collaborating with talent professionals from around the globe at ACP International’s October 2010 conference in the Eastern Caribbean.

For almost ten years she served as President of the award-winning organization Progress Career Planning Institute whose mandate was aligning Career Development and Cultural Intelligence (CI) to enhance performance in multicultural workforces. She was one of the first business leaders to identify a vital intersection of opportunity for numerous key stakeholders and Canada’s Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) when, in 2002, she conceived and produced the first in a series of highly acclaimed IEP Conferences, now being held in a variety of Ontario and Western Canadian cities.

She is a frequent speaker on Cultural Intelligence and its implications for Canada’s business community. Examples include the Association of Career Professionals International (ACP) International Conference (presenter at the 2006 global Conference in Boston, and invited to speak at the 2007 Prague Global Conference), the OECD Metropolitan Review of Toronto, the HRPA Diversity Conference, the Toronto and Windsor Conferences for Internationally Educated Professionals and the Australian Human Resources Institute International Human Resources Management Network.

Rhonda‘s other activities include Chair of a National Steering Committee Initiative for Internationally Educated Professionals for the Ottawa-based Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC); Research Partner with the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) for the Accelerating the Integration of Internationally Educated Human Resource Professionals’ Study; and membership on several other diversity committees.

She holds a Master of Science in Career & HR Development, certification in Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and for many years maintained a Canadian Occupational Health Nurse certificate and RN license. Recently she was approved by the Institute of Career Certification International as a Career Management Fellow (CMF)

Currently Rhonda works with private, educational, and non-profit sector organizations on the myriad implications of the ‘chemistry of culture’: notably, how to optimize productivity, performance and profitability in a global economy through mindfulness, knowledge and skills specifically addressing country, functional and organizational cultures. Her services include keynote speaking, facilitation and project management, as well as consultation on systems thinking, training and evaluation initiatives.